A Neverwinter Nights II Mod by Jon and Dennis Graf

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Figured I should update since its been a while. Had a minor setback with a crash - however all is well and most of the work was recovered successfully. Have not has much time to work on the Mod. Hope to get back to it this winter. Being a social service provider in the State of Illinois means funding is short, and when payments from the state are late, things get tense rapidly. What little free time I have has been spent on the music side of things. Its great therapy, and in times like these it keeps me going.

Wanted to also share my new web site. It focuses mostly on the music, so if you liked "Winter Promises", and would like to hear more, give me a visit here. I have posted some finished songs, as well as a few "works in progress". David and I (David Van Delinder - mu partner in "crime") are just about to release our second cd, "Road to the heart". It should be on Cdbaby in a few weeks, and Itunes shortly thereafter. Hope you like what you hear!

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Anonymous said...

I hope everything comes back into working order. If nothing else, I believe your project shows promise. Not to mention the music, which I find to be quite nice and relaxing. :)

Keep at it!