A Neverwinter Nights II Mod by Jon and Dennis Graf

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Been a while since my last post! Life has a way of intruding every once in a while. Go figure. Spent several weeks ripping apart my home studio and putting it back together. Got a new studio desk with lots of built in rack storage - so things are much better organized now. It was well worth the time and bother.

On the Mod front have been making slow but steady progress. Putting the final touches (are they ever really final?) on a new exterior area. For now I am calling it "Oasis", and it will be a key site, representing one of the few water sites in the Wastelands. I have included two screenshots - one of a campfire, and the second of a moonrise. Have been experimenting with exterior color settings and finally have some I can live with. Many thanks to Anduraga for his great work and notes. 

Finally - I managed to get around to Sunjammers World Map guide. What a great tutorial. I decided to use this in Winter Promises, rather than the Overland Map system. Baby steps you know.