A Neverwinter Nights II Mod by Jon and Dennis Graf

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A little closer...

Managed to find some time to work on the mod this weekend between work (business and yard etc). Fixed the broken convo, and also reworked the intro movie to hopefully help set the scene a little better. As much as I like working on the movies, I find them very frustrating at times trying to maintain an acceptable level of resolution. The difficulty comes with creating in one program - then exporting and eventually "binking". Something always seems to get lost in the translation. The intro is still not a "done deal" though it is getting closer. The rest of the time was spent re-working other convo's to insure that they worked with new or changed content. I am going to try to get the next version "up" next weekend. The weekend after might prove more realistic, since next weekend is Wizard World Chicago, and I am hoping to see some great fantasy graphics and statues up close and personal! Depending on what I find, I may go back a second day. We shall see. I have included two screens of two of the new interior areas - the first is the Dwarinthin library, and the second is the new Wayfarers chapel in the Dwarinth holdings.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Better than Gators!

A little non-mod post. OK - so I couldn't resist posting this shot of my grand-daughter at the beach. I had promised gator shots - but I think this one is even better. She has so much energy and really jumps in with both feet regardless of what she is doing. She and her mom and dad spent the first week with us. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back from Vacation

Just a short update to say I'm back from wonderful Hilton Head. God, I love that place. Sorry - no gator pics - only saw 2 this year(one peering suspiciously at me from a lagoon bordering the golf course), and didn't have my camera either time. Did manage a little time with the toolset while I was gone, though I am really spoiled by working on my desk-top system. The laptop was very SLOW - especially for loading and testing. A short list of progress:
1. re-worked Fenhollow - mowed the grass and played with the terrain a little.
2. Most, if not all NPCs now have at least one liner convos - some have options.
3. Characters now generally recognize you when you initiate a second convo.
4. Tied the Tanner convo in closer to the plot - convo now makes more sense, and ties in to events down the road.
5. Re-worked much of the interior lighting (left some strong shadows in a few places since I really liked the "artistic" look.
6. Added a new quest tied into Julia's cat which also ties into later developments.
7. Began reworking the final confrontation - the one I had was always a placeholder - hopefully its a little more realistic now.
8. Managed to "break" a conversation". Need to dig in and see why it is not working. 
9. Created a new area to tie in with the expanded Julia quest.
10. Added Merecrafts "Wanted Poster" to the wall in the Fickle Feather. What a great little item - and it really tied into the plot!

Well - looking at the list I realize I actually got more done then I thought. I have removed the download form the site in anticipation of putting the next version up. Have been playing catch-up at work and in the yard at home, so toolset time has been limited since I have returned. Will try to get another blog entry done this weekend with some new screens. Till then...