A Neverwinter Nights II Mod by Jon and Dennis Graf

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thought I would post an update just to let everyone know that Winter Promises is still alive and well! Everything slowed down considerably just before Thanksgiving when my desktop machine had a major crash. The good news was that I had just backed up to a zip drive, and didn't lose a thing (I would have lost everything without that back-up). That meant, however, that I was limited to my laptop for a while, and everything slowed down considerably. Then came the holidays with visits from the family, and also helping out with the beta testing of Trinity. And I must admit to being a "little" distracted with Dragon Age.

However - the work goes on. The Desktop machine has NWNII, MOYB, And SOZ reinstalled, and all is good to go. I have been working on updating the world map to integrate the newest content, as well as re-visiting conversations and quests with the same purpose. Only one screenie this time. Those of you who played Price of Honor will remember the good mayor Deeds (Christine's father). This shot is the interior of the Deeds household, where our hero is about to speak with the hired help.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday! And hey - if you aren't one of the more than 500 players who have already checked out Trinity by E.C. Patterson - give it a try. You will be glad that you did - it is fantastic!